What's going on Sunday, 08/09/20 in Tucson?

  • Sunday Worship Service - 10AM - American Ev. Lutheran Church - Tucson

    Sunday Worship Service - 10AM

    10:00am@American Ev. Lutheran Church
  • Sunday Worship Gathering - The Oasis Church - Tucson

    Sunday Worship Gathering

    10:30am@The Oasis Church
  • MTG Legacy Competitive Event - ST Games and Comics - Tucson

    MTG Legacy Competitive Event

    11:30am@ST Games and Comics
  • Large Wood Sign Class - Arte Bella - Tucson

    Large Wood Sign Class

    2:00pm@Arte Bella
  • Future Card Buddyfight Tournament - Otaku Nation AZ - Tucson

    Future Card Buddyfight Tournament

    2:00pm@Otaku Nation AZ
  • Malta Joe's at AZ Beer House - Arizona Beer House - Tucson

    Malta Joe's at AZ Beer House

    3:00pm@Arizona Beer House
  • Drive-In Movie - The Karate Kid (1984) - Medella Vina Ranch - Tucson

    Drive-In Movie - The Karate Kid (1984)

    8:00pm@Medella Vina Ranch