• Turn't with Riz Rollins, Almond Brown, Ade at Re-bar

  • Fri, 03/27/2020 at 10:00 pm
  • Re-Bar
    1114 Howell Street
    98101 Seattle
Turn't with Riz Rollins, Almond Brown, Ade at Re-bar - Re-Bar - Seattle

Wait.. how is this ?...Years ago, many years ago, I was asked, no invited, no CALLED to help start a night at the fairly newly opened Rebar. I was given a residency, almost unheard. No requirements , no trial mixtapes no nothing. The only stipulation was that I play Black music. I didn't have to have skills, I didn't have to make a mix, just play music just play Black music. And at first I said 'no '. But something in my spirit said' why don't you say,' yes', just this once. And now thirty years later, I think this is one night that, along with stalwart Almond Brown, and Ade, (and others ) that I was groomed and prepped to play. It's not a night, it's a service, a blessing, and a privilege to do. We've done it a couple of times at Pony, but now we're expanding the service, the place and the crowd. In this time, when it seems there are less places to play and perhaps , less people to play for, here we are , full circle with the fullness of time we have arrived in our destiny to do this thing. and it's gonna be ' a stone gas' honey. Don't miss it lovelies.Reverend Riz Rollinshttps://soundcloud.com/riz-3Deacon Almond Brownhttps://soundcloud.com/almond-brownTURN'Tis a safe place where Black Lives Matter and all the colors of the flag, their allies and friends are celebrated.Calling all sissies, queens, lesbians, trans, bears, twinks & chasers...There is a place for you.Usher Board Director, AdeRe-bar Seattle (est.1990) 1114 Howell St Seattle WA 98101www.rebarseattle.com21+w/ IDADA Accessible$TBD