• Behold Open Floor

  • Tue, 12/03/2019 at 7:30 pm
  • DOCO Sacramento
    660 J St
    95814 Sacramento
Behold Open Floor - DOCO Sacramento - Sacramento

$7 cash at the door ** CASH ONLY** Hey! This event is meant to have anyone showcase their trade; from Spoken Word, Dancing, singing, Rapping, Etc. Its supposed to emody the essence of any open mic, as a place to pracrice for a bigger show or if your a beginner in the community to dip that big toe into the fine waters of the scene. Getta Clue will be offering an exclusive discount for their entire store so you'll just have to come to see how much of a discount it is ;) . Thank you so much for wanting to attend this monthly event. sign ups will happen as soon as the event starts, we are only allowing up to 15 performers go on limit is 1 piece per individual and no piece over 5 minutes. Also, most of the proceeds will be to help pay for our featured artist. This events artist will be the one and only @Basivibe!!! Thanks again for your wanting to participate!!