• Art Workshop: The Power of Controlling: Structure. Value. Color.

  • Wed, 03/04/2020 at 11:00 am
  • The Centerpiece Gallery
    719 N Person St
    27604 Raleigh
Art Workshop: The Power of Controlling: Structure. Value. Color. - The Centerpiece Gallery - Raleigh

This all new 3 day workshop is being offered as a 1, 2 or 3 day option based on your preference!Each class can be taken individually or students can take all 3 for a discounted price. Whether you want to jump start your creativity and gain confidence or a seasoned painter looking for fresh approaches to problem solving techniques, these workshops are a perfect place to start.DAY 1, THE POWER OF CONTROLLING: STRUCTURENicole's new workshop throws the expressions "I can't draw" and "I hate perspective" into the wind. Whether you draw with lines or use shapes imagine the process as actually fun. One thing every successful painting has in common is a strong underlying structure. Nicole will first demonstrate using 2 different methods; Traditional lines and simplified perspective and angles and Painting obvious shapes piece by piece as the scene magically emerges. Both options provide the path to better results and more confidence. Students will complete 2 studies, one using each approach, which will help students discover the best method to fit the style or subject of the painting.Nicole will provide all the photo references for this workshop.In this workshop students will complete two paintings, one using each drawing method, giving you a basic understanding of the fundamentals of drawing and structure:Study #1: Will teach you to draw on the canvas using foolproof and fun methods. You'll learn how to hold your brush to get the angles, measurements, and perspective correct (throw out the ruler!) Once the basic structure is correct on the canvas you'll complete the painting.Study #2: Will start with showing you how to tone the canvas, making a few marks as you go to guide the drawing process. Then you'll further define the structure by identifying the simple abstract shapes and build the scene step by step as you go.Learning both of these drawing methods will give students the confidence to complete their future paintings with successful structure, leading to better outcomes in your finished works.DAY 2, THE POWER OF CONTROLLING: VALUEAfter years of teaching, Nicole realized that most of her students, from beginner to advanced struggle with basically the same two issues: color and value relationships. Value does all the work, but color gets all the credit!Value seems like a simple concept; light to dark, until you assign a color to a value and that's where the fun and trouble begins.In this workshop you will learn to look at value in terms of both absolutes as well as their relationships to other objects. It's fundamental to making your paintings more technically correct and help you problem solve to get the results you want.Nicole will also encourage you to use these techniques to help make bolder creative choices. If you are serious about learning to paint, or have been painting awhile but aren't getting the results you want, this class is filled with "aha" moments and will also give you the background needed to take a workshop with many of our national instructors.What We'll CoverColor mixing exercises switched to B&W to identify their valuesTake a black and white photo & creatively paint in color and the reverseLearn how to mix high intensity, low intensity colors and moreDiscuss the importance of color/value relationships and how changing one color or it's value changes everything else around itLearn some creative techniques help bring the painting to lifeBasics like drawing, shapes etc are always part of the instructionDAY 3, THE POWER OF CONTROLLING: COLORThe secret to painting any beautiful painting starts with the colors you have on your palette. Many of us love vibrant colors, but if all of our colors are vibrant, none stand out, or conversely, you have no vibrant colors and the end result is mud! Nicole Kennedy has discovered that the best way to control colors for a successful painting starts on the palette. By learning how to identify and really see the main colors in your reference, you can start with the appropriate clean paint mixtures. Not only will you have more colors mixed before you start, but they will be the right colors.This class will give you the freedom to explore; colorful shadows, pastel lights, nuanced neutrals, hot and cool reds, plus the many shades of green and blue. Nicole will explain the importance of a warm/cool balance, the difference between intense notes versus subdued passages and unexpected color application -- all aimed at creating color harmony. Whether you are painting vibrant florals or misty landscapes, understanding the appropriate use of color will give you the power to paint with confidence.Class will begin with a short presentation and a demonstration. Nicole will provide a variety of photo references for students to paint designed to illustrate the concepts covered in this class.You will learn to:First identify and mix your main color areasExplore complimentary color blends and create colorful neutralsMix warm/cool greens plus numerous other colors to create depth in your sceneUnderstand the application of color temperature, value and chromaHave fun "partying" with many colors of the same value and hueApply all the critical aspects of painting; values, brushwork and drawing