• Fluid Body, Fluid Sound

  • Sat, 03/21/2020 at 2:00 pm
  • Sutra Yoga & Meditation
    10909 Prairie Brook Road
    10909 Omaha
Fluid Body, Fluid Sound - Sutra Yoga & Meditation - Omaha

Join Astara and Orion of Illuminating Hearts in a three-hour Fluid Body, Fluid Sound playshop at Sutra Yoga & Meditation. Discover the beauty and empowerment at the intersection of primordial movement and organic sound. Learn to move in a simple and revolutionary way. Astara reveals how the gifts of continuum movement, the Energy Codes, and sound all come together to give you the most powerful energy tools you will ever work with. Liberate your true nature, which is vibration in flowing motion. Water covers about seventy-one percent of the Earth's surface. It pervades the sky as water vapor. Your cells are two-thirds water by volume. Amazingly, the water molecule is so small that 99% of the molecules in your body are water. The same goes for all of life. Everything is made of water. You ARE water. When you look at life at all scales, everything flows in a spiral. From the dynamic quantum torque of electrons inside of us, to the fluid in our spine, organs and fascia, to the swirl of a storm system, to the expanding spiral of stars in our galaxy, life is an elegant constellation of waves and rhythms.Sound is a primordial force that created (and is creating) the universe. Everything is made of sound. Sound moves at a much faster speed in the water than in air, five times faster. So imagine that if you are mostly water, your body is an amazing conductor of sound and electricity. Our body is like a battery, and our health reflects how hydrated we are so we run energy better. Our health also reflects how fluidly we move, or not. How we move and how we make sound shapes our whole world.Move authentically and fluidly. Hydrate yourself. Build capacity to embrace more comprehensive energies. Feel. Sense. Drop below the story of the mind. Follow your heart. The Earth needs you.Space is limited. Preregistration encouraged. Ages 12 and up.Check in time 1:45pm. Event start time 2:00pm.Advanced Registration required $88In this delightful playshop, you will:πŸ’› Hydrate with 3rd-i Water, a structured alkalizing water made by a local business. https://www.3rdiwater.com/πŸ’› Build circuits to flow with the Universal Wisdom of which you are made.πŸ’› Expand your senses and create a spacious sense of well-being, freedom, and vitality.πŸ’› Revitalize bones, joints, and skeletal health.πŸ’› Awaken creativity, innovation and play.πŸ’› Facilitate trust in one’s inherent body wisdom.πŸ’› Explore movement, toning, and breath techniques to embody gracefully.πŸ’› Release, relax, and realign, much like receiving bodywork from the inside out.πŸ’› Sip and Enjoy our heart-opening Hearth tea, an exclusive Illuminating Hearts and Artemis Teas blend.πŸ’› and much more!Astara is an illuminator, soul guide, songstress, writer, biomusicologist, pragmatic mystic, architect, dancer, and minister with over 21 years of experience in metaphysics, intuitive spirituality and sustainable architecture. Astara is the first and only certified Facilitator of The Energy Codes in Nebraska. Her cross-cultural approach to shamanism, Angeles Arrien's cultural anthropology, Spiritual Response Therapy, Jungian psychology, and Paul Selig's channel of "I Am Word" influences her conscious use of divination and the four Clairs (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience), helping others learn graceful embodiment. Astara knows that life is a dance that emerges from the infinite sound stream that has no beginning or end. Her joy is to bring people back in touch with their essence, their song, awakening them to their role in the eternal symphony of love. Astara wakes up each morning to empower others to follow their gifts, their heart, and their wildest dreams. As a pianist and singer, Astara channels her knowledge of the power of intentional sound to individuals and groups.FAQsAre there minimum age requirements to enter the event?As an event for profound movement and meditation, ages 18 and up may attend.Do I need to have any dance training before coming?Nope. All you need is a body, an open mind, and an open heart. This is not a traditional form of dance, but inspired by continuum movement. This type of movement is available to any body shape or type.What can I bring into the event?We will provide blankets and props. Wear comfortable clothes (bring layers) that you can move in and lie down in. Bring a yoga mat if you desire extra cushion under your blanket. Bring a journal or pad of paper and a pen. Bring your curiosity and playful self.What's the refund policy?We refund in full all cancellations we receive 24 hours or more in advance of the event. Any cancellations we receive with less than 24 hours notice in advance of the event will not be refunded. We handle emergency cancellations, quantum worm holes, and singularity events on a case-by-case basis. Read our full event policy. https://illuminatinghearts.love/event-policy/Will there be filming or recording at the event?When you enter an Illuminating Hearts (IH) event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. Read our full event policy, including a notice of filming, video and photography. Upon entering the event, you agree to our event policy and effectively release IH, its illuminators and collaborators, and each and all persons involved, from any liability connected with filming or recording. You also waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties associated with the recording. Our intention for filming and recording is to harvest beauty for the world. Thank you for being a part of this event with us!Can I contact the organizer with any questions?Please email sound@illuminatinghearts with any further questions. https://illuminatinghearts.love/contact-us/