• Gatecreeper, Exhumed, Necrot, Judiciary, Ungoliant

  • Thu, 11/21/2019 at 7:00 pm
  • Lookout Lounge
    320 South 72nd Street
    68114 Omaha
Gatecreeper, Exhumed, Necrot, Judiciary, Ungoliant - Lookout Lounge - Omaha

Aorta, Metro Concerts Live and Lookout Lounge Present:GatecreeperExhumedNecrotJudiciaryUngoliantThursday, November 21st, 2019Doors: 6:00, Show: 7:00$18 ADV/$22 DOSALL AGES - Everyone must have a valid ID. Under 18 needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have a notarized parental permission form: http://www.lookoutomaha.com/parental-consent-formALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS.For show/venue info go to: www.lookoutomaha.comGATECREEPERhttps://www.facebook.com/gatecreeper/https://gatecreeper.bandcamp.com/“Writing catchy songs has always been the goal for Gatecreeper. It’s all about the riffs.” Gatecreeper vocalist and co-songwriter Chase H. Mason doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to discussing his band’s modus operandi. For a genre in which many closed-minded zealots see catchiness as a dirty word, Gatecreeper go hard against the grain of the old school death metal revival. “We wanted to separate ourselves from the crowd and focus on having memorable songs,” Mason explains. “We wanted big hooks and catchy leads while still being extreme and aggressive.”It’s on this basis that Gatecreeper’s second and latest full-length, Deserted, takes death metal from its 80s Floridian roots and 90s Swedish expansion straight into the here and now. In fact, the vanguard of death metal in 2019 can be found under Arizona’s searing sun. That’s where Gatecreeper’s members—Mason, guitarist Eric Wagner, bassist Sean Mears, drummer Matt Arrebollo and guitarist Nate Garrett—make their homes, spread across the twin frying pans of Phoenix and Tucson.Of course, the band nodded to their scorching home state with the title of their 2016 full-length debut, Sonoran Depravation. The theme continues on Deserted, which boasts songs like “Sweltering Madness,” “Boiled Over” and the double-meaning title track. “Arizona is the last place people expect a death metal band—or any kind of band—to come from,” Mason says. “I think that makes us unique. And we rep where we’re from pretty hard.”Like its predecessor, Deserted was recorded at Homewrecker Studios in Tucson, where Gatecreeper co-produced the album with engineer Ryan Bram. Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou handled the mix at Godcity in Salem, MA, and Brad Boatright mastered the album at Audiosiege in Portland, OR. Deserted’s hallucinatory cover art was created by Brad Moore, who did the mind-bending piece on the cover of Tomb Mold’s Manor Of Infinite Forms and whose death metal CV can be traced all the way back to Morpheus Descends’ 1992 disc, Ritual Of Infinity.But make no mistake: Deserted is the record that separates Gatecreeper, once and for all, from the legion of HM-2 bands currently littering the death metal landscape. “Of course you wanna make a better record than you did before,” Mason observes. “The idea is to improve on what you’ve done before without really changing it that much. I kind of take pride in not being a progressive band. It’s very obvious what our influences are, and that’s fine. It’s like making a mixtape of our favorite bands, combining them into one thing and making it our own.”You can hear the results on “From The Ashes,” a crushing cut primed for the European festival circuit. “That one’s a little bit different for us,” Mason says. “It’s definitely the most melodic thing we’ve done. It’s like the Wacken Open Air song on the record. I think people will be surprised by it. It’s more anthemic than what we usually do.”Over on side two, “Boiled Over” fuses classic Bolt Thrower with the pulverizing power grooves of sludge titans Crowbar. “This one’s got a little bit of swagger to it,” Mason offers. “Vocally, the chorus feels like a mix of John Tardy and Freddy Madball. The lyrics are about having anger inside you that boils over and explodes, melting your body away. I’m not a poet, but that’s what it’s about.”Closer “Absence Of Light” upholds Gatecreeper’s tradition of finishing their records with a slower track. “I really like death/doom and funeral doom sort of stuff, so the goal was to try that style out but stay close to the Gatecreeper format,” Mason says. “It’s probably my favorite song on the record.”All told, Deserted exudes a newly honed confidence and strength. For Mason and Garrett, both of whom are also members of critically-lauded metal outfit Spirit Adrift, the new Gatecreeper album is another huge step on a creative path that ramped up considerably with the release of Spirit Adrift’s Divided By Darkness earlier this year. “I can only speak for myself, but I learn from experience,” Mason explains. “I’m self-taught at everything I do. I watch other people or read about it, and then kind of learn as I go along. So I think we’re just getting better at what we do.” EXHUMEDhttps://www.facebook.com/ExhumedOfficial/https://exhumed.bandcamp.com/an Jose’s EXHUMED have blazed a path for modern-sensible old-school death metal since the band’s 1991 formation, when the band’s founder and sole remaining member Matt Harvey was a tender 15 years old. EXHUMED spent much of the ensuing decade hacking their way through numerous line-ups, demos, split CDs, and EPs. In 1998, the band finally released their debut album, the genre-(re)defining and critic-repulsing Gore Metal. The album crystallized the sound forged with their l994 demo (old-school death metal meets full-on grindcore with the spirit of thrash) and first split CD (Horrific Expulsion of Gore and 1996’s In the Name of Gore respectively); the band envisioned the three releases as a trilogy of sorts).Gore Metal led to the enlistment of then-bassist Bud Burke to complete the line-up for the band’s long-awaited first US tour and festival appearances. EXHUMED upped the ante with their go-for-the-throat sophomore record Slaughtercult in 2001. The album blatantly blended the band’s brutal cult-thrash influences into its sonic meat-grinder. The band also evolved further with their third album, 2003’s Anatomy is Destiny, with more sophisticated arrangements, production and instrumentation within the gore metal formula. After touring heavily in support of that record and the band’s massive 2CD compilation Platters of Splatter, EXHUMED realigned their personnel, adding guitarist Wes Caley (Fatalist, ex-Uphill Battle) and re-enlisting bassist/vocalist Leon del Muerte (Murder Construct, ex-Impaled). The revamped line-up released an album of cover versions called Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated in 2005. Work was also undertaken on a DVD with live footage and documentary material, but the band’s dissolution in ’05 left the project in limbo.After six years away from the scene and numerous other projects, Harvey, Caley, and del Muerte teamed up with drummer Danny Walker (Intronaut, Murder Construct, Phobia), who had toured with the band during the ‘Anatomy…’ era for their acclaimed comeback album, All Guts, No Glory in 2011. The album earned them spots on numerous top 20 lists for 2011, including Decibel Magazine (#13) and Pitchfork’s Metal column Show No Mercy (#11). With the positive reception of the record, EXHUMED undertook a grueling road schedule which led to the band finding a new full-time lineup. Mike Hamilton (Deeds of Flesh, ex-Vile) took over the drum throne and Caley was eventually replaced with EXHUMED alumnus Bud Burke, this time on lead guitar.Over the course of the years, EXHUMED have developed an impressive tour resume that includes visits to America, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Iceland. The band have also performed at high-profile festivals including Maryland Deathfest, Wacken Open Air, Obscene Extreme and Scion Rock Fest, in addition to tour packages like Summer Slaughter. EXHUMED have shared the stage with such reputable artists as Rob Halford, Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Devourment, Toxic Holocaust, Red Fang, Cannibal Corpse, Between the Buried and Me, Goatwhore, The Faceless, Anaal Nathrakh, Rotten Sound, Magrudergrind, Cephalic Carnage and Athetist, as well as countless others.Somewhere in the middle of all of this touring, EXHUMED ​found the time to write and record a new album, Necrocracy, released August 6, 2013 to critical acclaim from publications like Decibel, New Noise, MetalSucks, Stereokiller, and PopMatters, all of whom included the album on the best-of lists for 2013. EXHUMED ​followed up that release with a split alongside Relapse label-mates Iron Reagan (2014), and then returned to the studio to fully re-record their 1998 classic Gore Metal. The recording, titled Gore Metal: A Necrospective, also featured the return of bassist / vocalist Ross Sewage as well as completely new artwork and was packaged as a deluxe 2CD set.Now in 2017, EXHUMED ​return with their 6th full-length as they tread into ambitious new territory with their first concept album. Lock the mausoleum doors and chain up the cemetery gates – Death Revenge is a musical melodrama in thirteen parts based on shocking true events Death Revenge takes place in the late 1820s in Edinburgh, Scotland and tells the macabre tale of a series of brutal murders where the victims’ cadavers were sold to anatomists, amid a grisly underground trade of grave-robbery. Recorded with producer Jarrett Pritchard (Goatwhore, Hate Eternal, Gruesome), Death Revenge takes the band’s signature gore-drenched, death metal mayhem to theatrical and ghastly new depths.NECROThttps://www.facebook.com/cyclesofpain/https://necrot.bandcamp.com/California death metal band Necrot were formed in April 2011 from the skeletons of others acts on that scene, including Acephalix, Vastum, Lawless, and Saviours. Their membership includes drummer Chad Gailey, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Luca Indrio, and guitarist Sonny Reinhardt. They are typified by an extremely aggressive and hard-grooving sound that pays little attention to developments on the scene. Their first two demos -- the first self-titled and the second titled Into the Labyrinth -- both appeared in 2012 under the Blood Divine label umbrella, followed by 2014's The Abyss, which showcased an increased confidence gained from playing local and regional shows. Necrot also garnered a boatload of positive press from underground media. After more touring and additional writing in the woodshed, Necrot compiled their EPs on The Labyrinth in 2016 for Tankcrimes, who signed them to an extended deal. Blood Offerings, their proper label full-length, was released in June of 2017 to universal critical acclaim in the metal press. JUDICIARYhttps://www.facebook.com/judiciarytx/https://judiciarytx.bandcamp.com/West Texas Hardcore