• Free Tattoo Day

  • Sat, 01/11/2020 at 12:00 pm
  • Hard life tattoos
    5520 Fern Valley Rd #107
    40228 Louisville
Free Tattoo Day - Hard life tattoos - Louisville

Hard Life Tattoos will be hosting another free tattoo day on Saturday, January 11th from 12-10pm. We have hundreds of new designs to choose from. No questions about event will be answered in Facebook. Everything about how the event works is in the rules below, yes the tattoos are free! Thanks everyone and hope to see you there!Rules of event are as follows:1. Any day on or before the day of the event, you come in and get a quote from our friendly staff on a future tattoo to be done within the following 60 days, you then leave a $50 non-refundable deposit that comes off the price of your future tattoo and set your appointment. If you stop in before the event day and talk to one of our artist and set your appointment for your future tattoo then you are all set to come in on the day of the event and get your free tattoo. You can also come in the day of the event and do it all at once. If you don’t show for your future appointment you only paid $50 for a $100 tattoo and if you do show then you get another great tattoo and your first tattoo was free.2. There will be over 100 different designs to choose from that average $100 in value. Only these designs will be done on the day of the event and images will only be on display the day of the event. The reason for this is we've had our artwork stollen online for past events and taken to other places to get done.3. Must be 18 or over, no exceptions.4. Tattoos are done first come first serve off a sign in sheet. Your future appointment can be set with the artist of your choosing and doesn't have to be the artist you get work done by on the day of the event. The free tattoo gives you and your artist time to go more in-depth about the design of your future tattoo.Hard Life Tattoos5520 Fern Valley Rd #107Louisville Kentucky 40228