• 35mm screening of Brian De Palma's & Al Pacino's SCARFACE

  • Fri, 06/26/2020 at 11:59 pm
  • Vista Theatre (Los Angeles, California)
    4473 W Sunset Blvd
    90027 Los Angeles
35mm screening of Brian De Palma's & Al Pacino's SCARFACE - Vista Theatre (Los Angeles, California) - Los Angeles

35mm screening of Brian De Palma's & Al Pacino's SCARFACEPart of our DE PALMA PACINO GANGSTER TWOFER series. SCARFACE, Friday June 26, 2020 @ 11:59p, the Vista (1983, Universal, directed by Brian De Palma, starring Al Pacino, 35mm, 170minutes)Brian De Palma and Al Pacino collaborated two times together. And both times they hit career bests.First up, we’re screening their first collaboration, on 35mm!, the Oliver Stone scripted remake of Scarface.At this point, Scarface is so much a part of popular culture it’s sometimes hard to remember just how intense, violent, and shocking it really is. From its early chainsaw in the hotel bathroom sequence to its ever escalating scenes of excess, cocaine, Miami gangsterism, and violence, Scarface is a movie about the American dream going ALL WRONG.Cuban exile Tony Montana comes to Miami, Florida determined to make it. NO MATTER WHAT. Starting with a paid hit in the exile camp, Montana slowly rises through the ranks of local Miami gangsters, stealing the boss’s girl (played with icy cocaine cool by Michelle Pfieffer), making big cocaine deals with South American drug lords, and building an empire.But along the way, Montana bit by bit loses his soul to his singular ambition and the movie becomes a nightmare of the American dream gone horribly bad.Filled with some of De Palma’s greatest sequences and powered by the performance where Al Pacino decided to turn it up to 12 (and knocked it out of the park), Scarface is one of the key films of the 1980s.What’s most miraculous is that De Palma and Pacino would meet almost ten years later and make a movie that, in many ways, would surpass the first. . .Best always,Craig Hammill35mm Secret Movie Club Founder.ProgrammerSECRET MOVIE CLUB FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:SCREENING LOCATIONS: We currently screen our movies at:THE VISTA: The Vista Theatre, 4473 Sunset Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027;THE CLUB: 1917 Bay Street, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90021;THE MILLION DOLLAR THEATER: 307 S. 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We don’t want any Secret Movie Clubbers getting parking tickets.There are many great public transportation options near the Vista & Los Feliz 3 including a Metro subway stop at the Vermont/Sunset station which is about 4 blocks from both the Vista & Los Feliz 3 Theater.The Club (1917 Bay Street, 2nd Floor, LA, CA 90021) is our 99 seat theater/performing arts space in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles.Once you get to the address, you actually access the Club by taking a right on Wilson Street then a right into the brightly lit street art alleyway behind the building. We are the first set of black steps after the big gate.We can park 20+ cars around our entrance so always try to park in front of the Club first. If parking is full there, there is also good parking on Bay Street. 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However, we will make all best efforts to alert the audience immediately if we have to screen a DCP alternate when a 35mm print was advertised.Situations where we have had to substitute a DCP for an advertised 35mm print have thankfully only occurred a handful of times in our history. But we do need to reserve this right to insure the best possible presentation of a movie for our audience.ORIGINAL POSTERS: We do original poster runs for almost all of our movies. We sell these posters at the events and do our best to let our audience see the design ahead of a screening via our email and social media.We are currently working to launch our website (www.secretmovieclub.com) and online movie store in the Spring of 2020 so you can peruse our entire backlog and order posters of your favorite movies and/or by your favorite designers. Stay tuned!REFUNDS & COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS: We honor all refund requests made through Eventbrite 24 hours or more before the listed start time of the screening. 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