• RAW Artists Los Angeles - Premiere

  • Wed, 06/10/2020 at 7:00 pm
  • Exchange LA
    618 S Spring St
    90014 Los Angeles
RAW Artists Los Angeles - Premiere - Exchange LA - Los Angeles

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well. I’ll be featuring and selling some of my photography at an event in Downtown L.A. The date is currently TBD. It was originally going to be March 18th, but then got postponed to April 22nd due to the coronavirus situation. It then got postponed further to some time in May, but no specific date was established. Given that our stay at home orders currently go through May 15th, I feel pretty sure that it won't happen until at least June. So I have temporarily set the date on this invitation to June10th, just to keep the event active. I will update you further as things change. Thank you and stay safe.This is a huge event presented by RAW Artists which will include all types of art, including music, painting, visual art, independent clothing design, photography and more. Tickets are $25. I would love to see you all there. If you can come, please purchase tickets through my direct link, http://rawartists.com/svbiggins. This event does have some upfront costs for me to participate in it, so I would need to sell at least 20 tickets to offset those costs. That is why it is important for you to use my custom ticket link. After 20, I would then receive a decent cut of each additional ticket I sell. Once you’ve purchased your ticket(s), please RSVP here so I know you're planning to come!Thank you!