• Cold Front PRE-Pre Party

  • Fri, 12/13/2019 at 8:30 pm
  • La Maison Kabob
    1243 Fulton Street
    93721 Fresno
Cold Front PRE-Pre Party - La Maison Kabob - Fresno

The Gang & I will be out here doing gang shit! Come chill with us as we come closer to the ACTUAL Cold Front Fest !!!! If you haven’t cop’d dem tickets, you can get them here!-$5 all Night-21&UP-Proper Staging..this time! Slapping all the EDM your little hearts desire!Line Up————- NvCas- Chester- DiEHAPPY- DøMBiE- Bvss Ventura B2B SeekayRemember y’all, we do this shit for you guys, the Rave Fam 💕