• 35mm Film Photography Basics

  • Sat, 02/22/2020 at 9:00 am
  • Horn Photo
    7899 N Blackstone Ave
    93720 Fresno
35mm Film Photography Basics - Horn Photo - Fresno

This is a class for STILL PHOTOGRAPHERS, not to be confused with videography.Join Ron Webb, with his four decades of film photography experience, and learn how to successfully use your film camera. This entry level class is designed to give someone new to shooting with film the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to come away with rewarding images. Ron hopes this course will inspire you to want to explore in greater depth, the joy of using a film camera. Although film and digital cameras look quite similar, the thought processes and some of the operational procedures differ. You will learn how to trust what you can’t see. In other words, learn to see like the camera sees.This class is for people that are considering getting into film photography, or who are already shooting with film. If you have a camera, bring it, however it is not a requirement.Some of the possible topics to be covered include: basic camera operation, setting an ISO right for your film/camera, basic daylight exposure settings, foolproof film loading and unloading (practice film provided), understanding depth of field, the “Sunny 16” rule, how your camera meter gets fooled and how to compensate for it, how to bracket an exposure, automatic vs manual exposure settings. Handouts, guides, and the information to personally contact Ron with your questions will be provided.Ronald is currently the official photographer for Clovis Unified School District, but continues to teach, because that's what he loves doing the most.