• Oct Detroit Ecstatic Dance-Shadow Side

  • Fri, 10/11/2019 at 7:30 pm
  • The Collective at True North
    4699 16th St #8
    48208 Detroit
Oct Detroit Ecstatic Dance-Shadow Side - The Collective at True North - Detroit

Come and integrate the power of your shadow. -Psychologist Carl Jung 🌑 Dark attire encouraged.🌓 Host and Mixer: Charity Loring , LMSWFor updates and more details, go to our Facebook link: Dance like no one is judging, because no one is.Whether you’re any good at dancing or not is irrelevant — this is simply about letting go, “releasing the beast”, accepting the whole self through movement. Ecstatic Dance, AKA Conscious Clubbing, is consent based, alcohol / substance free, and encourages music to be your intoxicant.Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/949790572020874/Admission: $10-$20 sliding scale. Based on an honor system of income. Pay at the door or pay for tickets online in advance at: http://paypal.me/metrodetroitecstaticSo get up, move your body and be a part of this amazing and welcoming dance community.We play most music genres: World/International, EDM, Ambient, Trance, House, Indie, Dub, Avant-garde, Down tempo, Drum & Bass, and much more.Our dance is about expression, not perfection.Men, Women, All Races, Genders, Non-Genders, LGBTQ, body abilities and everyone else is welcome in this safe & non-judgmental atmosphere. All bodies included. The space itself is wheelchair accessible. However, there are three steps at the curb. If you are in need of assistance at the curb, please let us know, we are happy to help.Ages 18 + at this time.🌓 Additional Dance Therapy Workshop -Meet you Shadow-🌑6-7:30 pm, $10-$20 sliding scale.https://www.facebook.com/events/500145317474499The door to wisdom is knowing yourself. Meeting the Shadow Self, those parts of you that have been repressed, allows for an opportunity to learn and grow, not run and hide.Licensed Therapist and Movement instructor, Charity Loring, LMSW provides an opportunity for people to discover themselves through cognition and movement. This will be an interactive workshop that will be consent-based. You can choose to do the prompts as an individual and there will be opportunities to explore via interacting with others. All participants are at choice and can choose to do either, or both. People are also at choice to participate as much or as little as they wish.This workshop will be followed by our Detroit Ecstatic dance- shadow side event where you will be able to move freely in a dance club atmosphere that is content-based, safe and free of intoxicants. You can carry your discoveries from the workshop into the ecstatic dance, or not. Feel freedom in opening your mind and body up to what you need.What is Ecstatic Dance?Ecstatic Dance is a Community Freeform Dance party. In Ecstatic Dance, you move from the inside out, letting music be your intoxicant (substance & alcohol free). Just as soundwaves can move through walls, shake glasses and water, let them move through you. You can choose to dance, do yoga, meditate, contact improv, or whatever else moves you. You can also choose to not move at all and just be surrounded by good people and good music. Our dances are held in a consent-based, non-conversational, drug/alcohol free setting with mind blowing music. People may dance solo or together (with consent), as long as everyone respects the Space, One Another & Themselves.💜 Time:Schedule:6:00 pm- Doors open6:30- 7:30 pm- Dance Therapy, Meet your Shadow- $10-$207:30- Doors open for Ecstatic Dance, $10-$208:00- Opening circle to create safe space8:30- Dance10:00- closing circle 10:30- head home⭐️Arrive on time for opening circle so we can cover parameters for an accepting & non-judgmental space and welcome everyone warmly.Bring: Water, yoga mat if you’d like to do some stretching, earplugs if you need them. Come prepared with shoes. Bare feet are welcome while dancing, however, there is a concrete floor.Location: building #8.Parking - Free street parking and gravel lot parking across the street.Movement & Safety Parameters:•Move as you wish - There is no right or wrong way to move in ecstatic dance. You can also choose to not move at all. Listen to your body, and let it do what it needs.•No vices/devices- Leave your phones and other devices off and off the floor. You are taking the time to show up for yourself by attending, be as present as you possibly can be for yourself.•Do not come intoxicated. Let the music intoxicate you instead. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. This includes vaping and marijuana. This allows for a safe and consent based atmosphere.•Non-conversational - The only expression on the dance floor is physical. If you must talk to someone, take it out into the lobby. This allows the dancers to be fully into the music and their own movements. Singing and expressing feelings during music is welcome.•Consent based - If you would like to dance with someone, make eye contact and give clear indication. If you do not want to dance with someone, or if you are ready to end dancing with partners, bow out by using Namaste hands. 🙏•No Photos or videos during dance unless facilitator gains informed consent from the group.• Please refrain from heavy perfumes or scents, as we will be in close proximity to one another.#motorcity#detroitecstaticdance#loringtherapy#doitforyouretreats#ecstaticdance#doitdetroit#downtowndetroit