• Rapport-11/17-Deluxx Fluxx

  • Sun, 11/17/2019 at 7:00 pm
  • Deluxx Fluxx
    1274 Library St
    48226 Detroit
Rapport-11/17-Deluxx Fluxx - Deluxx Fluxx - Detroit

Party Store Productions + Deluxx Fluxx present: RapportSun, November 17th ALL AGES$5About: Rapport - In The Dark The musical incantations of Rapport are the offshoots of Maddy Wilde’s longstanding belief she was unable to be the main songwriter of any music project. The humour of this broken belief lies in the boldness of uncertainty, a feeling that follows Wilde throughout her debut EP, In The Dark. Written and produced in Toronto by Maddy Wilde, Kurt Marble and Mike Pereira, In The Dark is a true expression of Toronto’s unending output of genre bending pop music.Wilde's passion for music and performance began at a young age, with teenage Toronto indie rock band, Spiral Beach. Following the momentum of this project, Wilde went on to play with former band mate Daniel Benjamin in Moon King. Wilde has since developed her songwriting practice, joining Toronto glam grunger, Kurt Marble, in a weekly songwriting endeavour all in the name of fun. Unbeknownst to the pair, a style developed and becoming a band was unavoidable. The duo then turned to longtime friend Mike Pereira. A talented visual artist and multi instrumentalist, Pereira was the missing link that tied it all together. The trio musically mingle in such a way as to evoke the playful, deeply healing and reflective existence of friendship. Nostalgia for quiet reflection is intermingled throughout the EP’s diaristic lyrics. Following the synth stabs and sharp claves, the uncertainty of being young and feeling apathetic swoops it’s way past the sweet sticky bubblegum sounds of pop music that could well be the soundtrack to a mid-80’s coming of age thriller. Songs like "30 days Down and Out" evoke the feeling of doing loops in your friend’s first car inside an empty underground parking lot. Forgotten mementos and Mentos, pushed deeply between car seats. All the lovers you ever loved are pulled into mind along with the impossible longing to hold them all at once, as Maddy beckons not to second guess why an old relationship didn’t work out. With reflection, there are moments that move fast and some very slow. Rapport choose to move at their own speed.