• Sunday Roast

  • Sun, 08/16/2020 at 5:00 pm
  • Cooking with Cocktails
    5151 Loraine
    48208 Detroit
Sunday Roast - Cooking with Cocktails - Detroit

This class will teach you the technique to sear and braise a roast. You will also learn to make delicious gravy and mashed potatoes. This technique of preparing a roast is 2 steps. So during this class you will prepare the meat, gravy, and mashed potatoes then refrigerate it to be cooked the next day. Then, the next day, on August 17th at 6:00 PM you can tune in to a FREE Facebook live event on how to plate the roast and make some delicious vegetables as a side dish. If you can't make it for the second part don't worry we will give you all the direction needed to finish the roast on your own as well. Ingredients Needed for Class (Roast)5 lb Eye of round or beef of choice2 Medium carrots 4 Ribs of celery2 Medium onions ½ cup Red wine (Of choice)3 cups of beef stock or 1 tsp. of beef base to 3 cup of water3 Tbsp. of Flour5 Tbsp. of Grape Seed oil1 Tbsp. of ButterSalt, Pepper, Garlic to taste(Mashed Potatoes)8 Yukon Gold potatoes (medium)1 Stick of Butter4 to 8oz of Milk or CreamSalt, Pepper, Garlic to taste(Blanched Vegetable which will be made August 17th during the Free Facebook Live event)1 Medium carrot 1 Celery Rib Salt, Pepper, Garlic to tasteWine Pairing: Cabernet SauvignonSign up at: www.cookingcocktails.com/upcoming-classes/sunday-roast