• Colfax Speed Queen / The Kinky Fingers / The Savage Blush / Ladies Night

  • Fri, 10/18/2019 at 9:00 pm
  • Hi-Dive Denver
    7 S Broadway
    80209 Denver
Colfax Speed Queen / The Kinky Fingers / The Savage Blush / Ladies Night - Hi-Dive Denver - Denver

Colfax Speed Queen live and in person celebrating the release of their new album "Dirty Mirror!"Featuring:COLFAX SPEED QUEENhttp://colfaxspeedqueen.bandcamp.comOnce born out of the crystal clear Rocky Mountain water, Colfax Speed Queen quickly dirtied their bones with distortion, tremolo, and plenty of slap back reverb just like their heroes from the 60's and 70's. CSQ is far from a revival band though. They're an original breed of garage, punk, rock, and surf. CSQ is not about going fast. They're about being hopped up and strung out on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.THE KINKY FINGERShttps://thekinkyfingers.comBased out of Denver, The Kinky Fingers infuse American roots, Surf, Eastern, and Latin influence to create for an atmosphere that is distantly familiar. Their latest EP 'Crooked Nose / Jesse James' is beholden of the groups country-western surf sound, while their latest single 'Sucker for Sure' plays to the tune of classic era rock n roll & soul. Regardless of genre and style, The Kinky Fingers sound remains distinctly themselves.Although they've been around since 2014, what initially started as a collective of musicians began to solidify into a band. Tayler Doyle took up guitar & Jairo Barsallo took up the bass. The addition of long time friend Earl Seung Snyder as second guitarist set things in motion for the group. Then in 2018, after a country side project disbanded, Dustin Peterson joined The Kinky Finger’s as the band’s drummer. It’s taken time but The Kinky Fingers have persisted, like little kinky butterflies breaking away from their cocoons, the upcoming LP ‘Tomorrow Was Awesome’ is a realization of the bands metamorphosis.Our playlist: Keen On The Kinky Fingers on Spotify will take you through the influences of each member with a different installment every week of so.THE SAVAGE BLUSHhttp://www.thesavageblush.com“[The Savage Blush’s] stage presence fills a room like heavy water. Their charismatic yet unfazed demeanor commands attention to the music, and when they play, it is quickly known that they have tapped into a deep sonic reservoir not oft discovered.” (Kendall Morris, DU Clarion).A psychedelic rock band from Colorado, The Savage Blush was formed by siblings Rebecca and Joshua Williams in 2014. The two give you a heavy dose of their love of classic psych music mixed with a modern garage rock sound and sprinkled with surf and latin undertones.Since forming, the band has toured nationally, performed at various festivals, been featured on Daytrotter, and released two singles and three albums; all of which differ radically from one to the next. With driving rhythms, hiccuped vocals, fiery guitar licks, and bass lines that leave you wanting more, The Savage Blush will drop you in the middle of the desert and keep you there until your mouth is dry, your legs ache from dancing, and every atom in your body tries to burst through your skin.Watch out, they’re coming for you.LADIES NIGHTFriday, October 18th, 2019, 21+, $10, 8pm doors