• DFW Designer Workshop

  • Mon, 11/11/2019 at 6:30 pm
  • McNichols Building
    144 W Colfax Ave
    80202 Denver
DFW Designer Workshop - McNichols Building - Denver

Have you had a difficult time getting the perfect sample from your contractor? Does your garment have the look you designed? Does your design sample fit properly?Product Development Specialist, Darlene C Ritz, will work with you to develop the perfect technical package (tech pack) to deliver to your contractor in order to get the sample and production you want. This workshop will cover the differences between Tech Packs needed for FP (full package), CMT (cut-make-trim), and sample makers. We will cover Design Sheets, Fabric Sheets, BOMs, Detail/Construction Sheets, and Spec Sheets. We will also discuss the different types of samples (fit, sales, sew-by, and production) and when and how each sample is used.Dr. Darlene C Ritz is a Colorado native. She has designed for companies in New York, LA, Toronto, Tokyo, and many other domestic areas. Most recently, Darlene’s work was seen at Oxford Fashion Studios during London Fashion Week (Fall 19 Season). Dr. Ritz, the creator behind DCR Studios, has been educating the next generation of fashion professionals since 2003This event is supported by the Cultural Partner Program at the McNichols Civic Center Building