• Basics of Moldmaking and Casting Seminar

  • Fri, 11/08/2019 at 9:30 am
  • Reynolds Advanced Materials (Denver)
    3920 Grape St
    80207 Denver
Basics of Moldmaking and Casting Seminar - Reynolds Advanced Materials (Denver) - Denver

Presented in an easy-to-understand Slideshow/Demo format, this seminar will introduce you to:- Different Materials Available for Making Molds- Different Mold Making Techniques- Once You Have Your Mold, What Can You Pour Into It To Make a Copy- Casting Options – Make Your Plastic Castings Look Like Metal, Wood, Stone and More!- Secrets to Being Successful in Using These MaterialsMaking a rubber mold of an original model allows you to make one or more perfect reproductions of that original. Molds are used daily for hundreds of applications including:- Reproducing Sculpture- Casting Plaster- Casting Resin- Candle Making- Prototype Model Making- Movie Special Effects…and much more!