• Igniting Souls Conference (October 25–27, 2019)

  • Fri, 10/25/2019 at 8:00 am
  • Hilton Columbus Polaris (North Columbus)
    8700 Lyra Dr
    43240 Columbus
Igniting Souls Conference (October 25–27, 2019) - Hilton Columbus Polaris (North Columbus) - Columbus

https://ignitingsoulsconference.com/Hotel Block: https://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/C/CMHPOHF-IGNS19-20191023/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POGSince the beginning of time, we’ve been gazing at our neighbor’s lawn, trying to see whose grass is greener. Thanks to the internet we now have access to billions of backyards—at all hours of the day and night. But grass is no longer the focus. We’ve migrated to followers, dollars, and views.Comparison is a popular blood sport, making causalities of us all. Our competition isn’t found in the marketplace. It’s found in the mirror. We don’t need to change the world. We need to change ourselves. And somewhere in the process, we’ll end up changing both.You’ve been created to create, and it’s time to admit that you’re in a race of one. Marathons and mountaintops share one thing in common. Both are reached by taking YOUR NEXT BEST STEP.