• Brohug / Dahlia Nightclub / November 22nd

  • Fri, 11/22/2019 at 9:00 pm
  • Dahlia Nightclub
    147 Vine St
    43215 Columbus
Brohug / Dahlia Nightclub / November 22nd - Dahlia Nightclub - Columbus

Brohug with support Corrupt21+Doors 9pmTickets and tables now available at www.dahliacolumbus.com or call 614.224.3002 or josh@livepeerless.comBROHUG the DJ/producer trio from Sweden and the masterminds behind ‘brohouse' are ready to take the EDM scene and shake it the f*$k up. Tired of the commercial side of the EDM world, BROHUG is on a mission to disrupt the conformity and blast their music and bring back the realness of dance music, with funky house beats, and genre bending songs and remixes. Below check out this EXCLUSIVE mix and interview we did with the guys and if you live in Houston, San Diego, or Los Angeles check them out THIS weekend as they are starting to kick of some live shows around the world!https://www.facebook.com/brohugofficial/https://soundcloud.com/brohugofficial