• The Witching Hour Anti-Class

  • Wed, 10/30/2019 at 9:00 pm
  • Be Fitness
    10400 Clifton Blvd
    10400 Cleveland
The Witching Hour Anti-Class - Be Fitness - Cleveland

Join Carrie on Halloween Eve to conjure up The Witching Hour anti-class, a candlelit gathering devoted to sensual freestyle. Dim the lights and experience the freedom of dancing on your own terms. Worship your body in a judgment-free, experimental space. Absolutely no choreography, tricks or combos will be taught. Provocative prompts will be provided throughout the anti-class. Dancers should feel empowered to use these prompts to guide their movement or completely ignore them to create their own sacred experience. Expect moody, sexy music to channel your wicked side.The anti-class is not for the faint of heart! Be prepared for an intimate experience. Dancers are encouraged to dress in a manner that allows them to express their sensuality. Heels and lingerie are welcome and encouraged; knee pads are strongly recommended. In an effort to make the space as welcoming and inclusive as possible, dancers in attendance will not be permitted to bring their phones into the pole studio. The event also takes place after studio hours with dim lighting, locked doors and drawn curtains to ensure you feel safe to tap into your dark side. We want to make certain all dancers feel supported to explore their sensuality and self-expression.Cost: $18 member / $20 non-member