• Transatlantic Trends: Ties & Transactionalism in a Time of Trump

  • Wed, 10/16/2019 at 12:00 pm
  • The City Club of Cleveland
    850 Euclid Ave Ste 200
    44114 Cleveland
Transatlantic Trends: Ties & Transactionalism in a Time of Trump - The City Club of Cleveland - Cleveland

Is democracy an endangered species? It certainly faces increasing threats around the globe. After the fall of communism, political scientists agreed that nations generally evolved towards democracy. As markets opened and capitalism spread, democracy’s emergence was thought to be inevitable. Very few, if any, believe that any more. With the rise of populism, sophisticated disinformation campaigns, and the electoral victories of leaders with tenuous commitments to democratic norms, the liberal democracy is facing new and unique threats.Throughout her career, Karen Donfried has worked to strengthen democracies and the relationships that support democratic institutions. As President of the German Marshall Fund (GMF) since 2014, she leads a network of programs and initiatives from Washington, D.C. to Warsaw, across the United States and across Europe. GMF fosters stronger transatlantic relationships in the spirit of the Marshall Plan, championing human rights, free markets, democracy, and rule of law.Join us to hear from Karen Donfried on the state of the transatlantic relationship and the future strength of Western democracies.