• DuckyDynamo Presents: (you)SB: Open Ducks | s2:e6 - Penultimate

  • Thu, 12/05/2019 at 8:00 pm
  • TheDepot Baltimore
    1728 N Charles St
    21201 Baltimore
DuckyDynamo Presents: (you)SB: Open Ducks | s2:e6 - Penultimate - TheDepot Baltimore - Baltimore

Thank you so much to FireCartier, David Yirmiyahu Speak, Histo Hanson, and Jamal Kent for holding down Episode 5 :) That makes THIS, the SECOND TO LAST USB of the season....the FIRST one where there are advance signups from the overflow of last week!!! how exciting!!! This episode:1015p- Koleco Elizaire1100P- Tromac Pineapple1145P- @roninsrealm (IG)1230A- Sango AyindeWhich means to sign up for earlier spots, or for the closing spot , you GOTS TA SIGN UP IN PERSON .REMEMBER. PRACTICE BRINGING NON-DJING FRIENDS WITH YOU. SEASON 3 THIS IS GOING TO BE ~MANDATORY~ TO PLAY!!! IF YOu WANT TO PLAY, BUT BROUGHT MORE FOLK THAN THE SPOT YOU WANNA PLAY IN...GUESSSSS WHOS GETTN BUMPED! oTHER DETAILS BELOW. and in my inbox. tell everyone! ____________________________________________________IT'S (YOU)SB. Get it? Like USB? Like the thing we plug into the thing most of us probably DJ from? And it's almost always upside down the first time you try to plug it in?? It's YOU instead of U because YOU get to spin!!!! This is an Open Decks event, like an Open Mic... I invite DJs of any and all kind to come spin for 30ish minutes, the only cost to do so is...bring at least 2 friends with you who AREN'T also djing (who stay for your set, preferably the night, don't piss me off lol we networking here. Stick to the mission, ferda.)±±±± THE RULEZ FOR DJs ±±±±1) Sign ups begin at 8pm on a first-come-first-served basis IN PERSON. (aka NOT my inbox) THAT'S IT! No spots will be held, you must come and talk to me to play.HOWEVERIf you come to sign up and the list IS full for the evening, you MAY claim a spot in the **next Open Ducks event2) If you spin THIS sesson, you can't spin NEXT session. Playing 2ice in a row basically means a residency! That ain't this! Lineups each session stays fresh this way! 3) 'll be providing my cracked-screen lappy and DDJ SRT1000 -- which means if you can play off that (and can use Serato,) you just need a USB of your jams BUT if you have your own controller, you can bring that too... .. .. .. if it has proper outs. Ask me bout dis.This is not an Aux Cord or Soundcloud Stream Session. Not this event See yall. 3,Ducky Dynamo