• PY1 Nights- POP NYE 2020 Edition w/ Paragrime, Madds & Triple XL

  • Tue, 12/31/2019 at 9:30 pm
  • PY1 Nights
    1550 Convention Center DR
    76011 Arlington
PY1 Nights- POP NYE 2020 Edition w/ Paragrime, Madds & Triple XL - PY1 Nights - Arlington

PY1 presents POP 🎨NYE 2020 EditionTh PY1 pyramid launch event▲ Tuesday, December 31stGlobe Life Park Arlington, Texas---------------------After launching in Montreal, Canada this summer, PY1 Nights makes its US debut just in time to ring in the new year.PY1 Nights is a series of thematic parties that take you through wonder-inspiring worlds as the pyramid transforms into a gigantic dancefloor. These special events feature staggering original visuals, music played by local DJs with a few special guests, and exciting signature moments. Celebrate NYE 2020 in a world of graffiti, pop art & manga 🎨As the pyramid transforms into a gigantic dancefloor, you transported into POP world, surrounded by 360-degree projections, 120 speakers, kinetic aerial scenery and atmospheric special effects. Artists:▲ paragrime▲ MADDS▲ DJ triple XL▲ VJ June BarryLeave your black-and-white reality behind and dive into the pages of a comic book. We invite you to express your creativity, follow our mood boards and dress to the theme.👉Moodboards & tickets at https://py1.co/en/py1-nights/pop/ #PY1Nights This event is in collaboration with Milkshake Concepts.About PY1:************PY1 is an innovative pyramid shaped venue imagined by Lune Rouge Entertainment. With a capacity of up to a thousand guests, the 81-foot high traveling structure is dedicated to the creation and presentation of memorable experiences. PY1 is a marvel of technology and a one-of-a-kind playground for shows and special events that offers a new kind of entertainment at the heart of a custom-produced multimedia universe thanks to the talent of some of the world’s greatest storytellers. For more information, visit: https://www.py1.com/en/Facebook: @py1experience / @py1nightsInstagram: @py1experience / @py1nights