• Velvet Love Box

  • Fri, 11/29/2019 at 10:00 pm
  • Grease Monkey Burgers
    200 N Mesquite St
    76011 Arlington
Velvet Love Box - Grease Monkey Burgers - Arlington

Forget almost everything you know about live bands. For Velvet Love Box more closely resembles a three-ring circus than a band. Velvet Love Box, sometimes described as ”acoustic anarchy”, features three veteran musicians from the north Texas area: guitarist/vocalist Scot Cloud, percussionist/vocalist Brandon Bumpas, and vocalist/bassist Neil Schnell. By taking away the screaming amps, the racks of electronic gear, and the same old tired song list; the trio seeks to break from the traditional confines of most bands to forge something new and unique using only the barest of essentials- acoustic guitars, bass, percussion, and a bag of musical tricks big enough to choke Felix.