• Brad Thompson

  • Thu, 12/19/2019 at 8:00 pm
  • Troy's
    1650 E. Randol Mill Road STE 100
    76011 Arlington
Brad Thompson - Troy's - Arlington

"Our mission is to fully embrace another year of playing music for you. We relish that time together. And we welcome all the trials, challenges and victories that come with it. The world of playing live music is rapidly changing and the ways that an artist can connect with their audience is evolving and redefining itself constantly. But what doesn’t ever change is the connection. The connection between a performer, with a certain level of skill and earnestness, and the listener who can enjoy, respond and hopefully be moved by what is happening before them. That connection is what called each of us in this band to this occupation and we will never lose sight of that."This is a FREE show!