• I Am Who HE Says I Am

  • Sun, 11/17/2019 at 7:00 pm
  • Babe's Chicken Dinner House
    230 N Center St
    76011 Arlington
I Am Who HE Says I Am - Babe's Chicken Dinner House - Arlington

Synopsis: I AM WHAT HE SAYS I AM is a story about a family dealing with betrayal, lies, sex and truth. Everyone has their problems and situations that must be dealt with but, amidst all the dark secrets and unspoken sins, each of their crosses become harder to bare. All hell breaks loose when they are confronted and challenged to deal with their demons. Paul or Paula (as he is often referred to by his disgruntled sister Jessica) is forced to reflect on what took place in his childhood that has caused his lifestyle and sexual preference to be questioned. Jessica, Paul’s older sister, dealing with a secret, from her childhood as well, finds herself in an abusive relationship. She builds up the nerve to leave and seek a place of refuge only to find that refuge will not come until she learns the awful truth of her past. Dorothy, (Paul and Jessica’s mother) is dealing with the guilt and shame of thinking she didn’t take good care of her children by protecting them from what would shape their future and ultimately cause sibling rivalry and several degrees of separation between herself and her daughter. Then we have Nan n a, the God fearing, smart mouthed, heavily medicated, grandmother of Dorothy. Nana suffers from selective memory loss and a touch of Alzheimer’s, but one thing is for sure, she knows what she knows but just can’t seem to get it right. Finally, we have Dooney , (Paul’s best friend) who has issues so deep, it would take God himself to make him understand and determine who he really is. Strange as it is, they all find themselves in a downward spiral forced to turn to the one and only strong tower, Jesus Christ, for help.